Emcol application at various jobsites

Repair of potholes using Emcol Standard
Repair at the airport soon after the rainfall using Emcol Standard
Repair of potholes using Emcol Standard
Repair at the joints between road surface and bridge by Emcol Fine Grade
Repair of a pothole using Emcol Drainage
Repairs made to rutting using Emcol L-Type
Repairs made to the foundations of a safety fence
A manhole repair carried out with Emcol Standard

Emcol Standard

Easy Operation Emcol requires only minimal preparation. There is no need for tack coats, priming or sealants.
All Weather Type Emcol can be applied in all weather conditions: rain, frost, snow etc.
Early Traffic Opening Repairs with Emcol are immediately open to traffic.
Rigid Adhesiveness Emcol has excellent adhesive qualities. It can be used in repairs to asphalt, macadam and concrete and equally abuts well to composite metals i.e. steel.
Emcol is therefore ideal for manhole reinstatements.
Excellent Durability Emcol has excellent performance characteristics.
It is durable and not prone to shrinking.
The gradings and specifications for the aggregates used minimise the risk of polishing which can lead to skidding.
Safety Emcol is not flammable and is non-hazardous.
Guidelines for application
  • Remove any debris and/or water from the repair using a stiff brush.
    Fill the repair with Emcol.
    (It is important to overfill with Emcol to allow for a level compaction.)
  • Compact with a vibrating plate, shovel or hand tamper.
  • In order to prevent tacking, spray a small amount of water on the hand tamper/shovel before compacting the material.
  • If stored in sacks, it is recommended that sacks are not piled high on top of one another as this will harden the material contained in the lower piles.
  • Where Emcol is to be stored for long periods, it is advised that the product be kept out of exposure to the sun.
Shinreki's Emcol Cold-Mixed Instant Road Repair

Emcol is a high performance repair compound manufactured by Shinreki under licence from Instarmac Group plc, England. (formerly Emcol International)
Shinreki is proud of Emcol to be the epoch-making road repair product in the age of maintenance.

Emcol has superior performance characteristics compared to other cold mix products.


Paper Bag : 30 kg, (25 kg, 20 kg, 15 kg)
Metal Can : 25 kg
*Specially processed paper bags available: high durability, high water-proofing & easy-open


Emcol Line-up

Tentative guideline for use of Emcol
  Possible Construction Volume【 Depth and Area(m2) 】
  Standard Fine grade Drainage L-Type
  1 cm 5 cm 1 cm 5 cm 1 cm 5 cm 1 cm 5 cm
(Paper Bag / Metal Can)
30 kg 1.50 0.30 1.50 - - 0.30 1.40 0.28
25 kg 1.25 0.25 1.25 - - 0.25 1.20 0.24
20 kg 1.00 0.20 1.00 - - 0.20 0.95 0.19
15 kg 0.75 0.15 0.75 - - 0.15 0.70 0.14

Examples of quantity guideline

・30 kg and 1cm depth, 1.50 sq meter
・25 kg and 1cm depth, 1.25 sq meter

  • Fine grade
  • Drainage
  • L-Type
  • Boso Emcol